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#: startup_clamav.xml:359 msgid "Database updated" msgstr "" #: startup_clamav.xml:363 msgid "Too many ClamAV databases" #: startup_clamav.xml:370 msgid "Note: Maybe you have multiple ClamAV instances configured. Try to set one." #: startup_clamav.xml:373 msgid "Starting clamd as usual" #: startup_clamav.xml:376 msgid "Entering mode" #: startup_clamav.xml:382 msgid "ClamAV - " #: startup_clamav.xml:387 msgid "" "ClamAV searches for all Win32 and 64bit files. Recursively, on each file, if " "it's infected by a detected virus." #: startup_clamav.xml:389 "To prevent duplicate messages, ClamAV quits after 10 minutes of no message. " "If the files are found infected, ClamAV writes them into a quarantine " "directory." #: startup_clamav.xml:393 msgid "ClamAV searches for all Win32 and 64bit files. " #: startup_clamav.xml:397 msgid "This option tells ClamAV to only update specific databases." #: startup_clamav.xml:402 msgid "Insecure search (--)" #: startup_clamav.xml:407 "Update only if the database is empty or the virus names do not match the " "names you search for (--)" #: startup_clamav.xml:411 "Update only if the database was recently (less than 10 minutes ago) scanned " "with --scan-force option (--)" #: startup_clamav.xml:414 msgid "Update only if the virus names match the ones found in the database " "(

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